Do you have the right auto coverage?

Do you have the right auto coverage?

No one wants to pay more for car insurance, but the lowest price won’t always get you the coverage and protection you need. There are many things standard auto policies won’t cover, and after an accident isn’t the time to find out you’re not covered.

Rental auto coverage

Standard auto coverage provides some rental auto coverage if your car is being repaired after an accident. However, you may want to choose higher rental reimbursement limits than what the standard policy offers.

Stolen or vandalized autos

Typically, loss of personal property in your car when it is vandalized or stolen is not covered by your personal auto policy. However, such loss will be covered by a standard homeowners policy, subject to the deductible and limitations.

Commercial use of personal autos

Standard auto policies also do not cover vehicles that your employer has furnished to you. Without endorsement, your protection is limited to what the employer provides.

Pet protection

If your dog or cat is injured in an auto accident, a standard policy will not cover your pet’s injuries. However, some insurers offer a policy endorsement to protect your furry family members.

Simply put

Comprehensive auto coverage is your best bet, because it usually offers these sorts of protections. But, there are options to add additional coverage to meet your needs and cover many of the noncovered items discussed in this article.

Do you have questions about your personal auto coverage? Call our office today and we will be happy to review your policy and help you find a new one that is right for your needs.

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