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“As always the service was exceptional.  We recommend your company wherever we can..Thanks for everything!” 

“Parsons & Associates are a very professional & friendly group.  There is still a family run business feeling there.” 

“Extremely pleased with speed and ease of settlement.

“Ellen, I wanted to say thank you for your assistance with the recent account that we renewed. We are glad to be able to continue to deliver a quality product to our client.  Your attention to detail and quick response to so many inquiries does not go unnoticed! We, as well as our client, value the long term relationship.”

thanks!  this is still the best price, I was just curious.  I get calls every few WEEKS asking if we want a quote for malpractice and I disregard them.  You guys rock.  Thanks again.” 

“We have had the good services of your organization for a long time.  We have always been happy with these services and they have always been rewarding – both personally & financially!”

“Thank you very much for your speedy reply.  I have to say since I have taken over these files, your office has been so accommodating and a pleasure to work with.  Please pass this along to your staff.”

“I am constantly amazed at the horror stories I hear from friends & family alike that have to deal with processing their own claims or dealing directly with whoever is at the other end of an 800# because they don’t have really good agents, just a salesman.  We are grateful for your superior service! Thanks.” 

“My claim was handled quickly & efficiently with no problems.  Everything was completed within a week.” 

“Thanks for your quick (as always) reply!”

“The best!  Love Parsons!” 

“Outstanding service!  I am very pleased with Parsons Insurance…Parsons made a difficult situation bearable.”

“I wish to thank you for your prompt & courteous response to our insurance needs.  We are pleased to be associated with your company, especially after hearing about the problems other people have experienced…”