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Is it covered?

We assume all our possessions will be covered if we lose them or if they are damaged, but do you know how your insurance policy will truly respond—or even which one will respond when it is needed? Sometimes you need additional coverage. If you have an item on this list, give our agency a call […]

Update your personal home inventory for renters insurance

Renters insurance provides an essential safety net for tenants, offering protection against unforeseen events such as theft, fire, natural disasters, or lawsuits! While obtaining a renters insurance policy is paramount, many renters undervalue the importance of updating their insurance coverage to protect their high-value items. But does one truly know how many possessions one has? […]

So you’re getting divorced?

If you and your spouse are separating or getting a divorce, give our agency a call. We can help you sort through your insurance policies to get them updated to reflect your current status. Legally separating spouses should be mindful of the following insurance concerns: Homeowners insurance. Update any homeowners insurance policy to reflect the name […]

Spousal liability insurance: What the heck is it?

It’s natural to think about occasions when you may need insurance: Rear-ended at a red light, sideswiped at an intersection, or backed into in a parking lot. In each of these scenarios, it is also natural to think of the other drivers as responsible for the accidents. But what happens if the responsible driver is […]