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thanks!  this is still the best price, I was just curious.  I get calls every few WEEKS asking if we want a quote for malpractice and I disregard them.  You guys rock.  Thanks again.” 

“I am constantly amazed at the horror stories I hear from friends & family alike that have to deal with processing their own claims or dealing directly with whoever is at the other end of an 800# because they don’t have really good agents, just a salesman.  We are grateful for your superior service! Thanks.”

“Ellen, I wanted to say thank you for your assistance with the recent account that we renewed. We are glad to be able to continue to deliver a quality product to our client.  Your attention to detail and quick response to so many inquiries does not go unnoticed! We, as well as our client, value the long term relationship.”

“Thanks for your quick (as always) reply!”

Parsons & Associates, Inc. is a third-generation, family-owned insurance agency and brokerage located in Mackenzie Hughes Tower, in downtown Syracuse, NY. Founded in 1930, we pride ourselves on our dedication to supplying personal insurance plans and insurance expertise to a variety of professional and business clients, as well as agents and brokers who serve them.

We are aligned with several leading insurers for personal insurance protection and we offer a wide range of financial services products (annuities, IRA’s, long-term care, etc.) to serve your needs. Whether you live in a condo, own a house or live in an apartment, we have a program to fit your lifestyle. All of our markets offer special discounts for multi-policy accounts. If you prefer, we have policies available to place all of your protection in one value-added, easy package.

We offer several professional liability programs statewide, including lawyers and dental professional liability, and over 250 agencies and brokers around New York State trust their businesses to these programs. 90 years of commitment to our business is evident in the success of our programs!

We can handle all your insurance needs. Home, Auto, LPL, EPL, Errors & Omissions (E&O), Professional Liability, Car, Renters and More!