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Hail Insurance:
Form of insurance that protects against loss of crops from hail.

A condition that creates or increases the chance of loss.

Health Insurance:
Insurance against financial losses resulting from sickness or accidental bodily injury.

Health Insurance:
An insurance policy that provides payment for benefits of a covered sickness or injury. Included under this definition are various types of insurance such as: accident insurance, disability insurance, medical expense insurance, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance.

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO):
An HMO is a prepaid medical service plan that provides a wide range of comprehensive health care services for a specified group (members) or individuals at a fixed periodic payment.

High-Risk Automobile Insurer:
A insurance company that specializes in insuring motorists who have poor driving records.

Hold-Harmless Clause:
A clause written into an insurance policy which one party agrees to release another party from any legal liability.

Homeowners Policy:
A package policy providing home owners with a broad range of property and liability coverage’s.

A health care facility providing medical care and support services for terminally ill persons.

Hospital Expense Insurance:
A health insurance policy that covers daily hospital room and board charges and some miscellaneous hospital expenses.

Hospital Miscellaneous Services:
Any services other than room and board (and general nursing services) provided by a hospital during hospital confinement. Included are such items as: X- ray examinations, laboratory tests, medicines, surgical dressings, anesthetics (including the administration of), and use of operating room.

Hull Insurance:
A class of ocean marine insurance that covers physical damage to the ship or vessel insured. Usually, written on an “all-risks” basis. Also can provide physical damage insurance on a aircraft, similar to collision insurance in an automobile policy.

Human Life Value:
A method of determining Life insurance needs by taking into account a person’s income, expenses, remaining years of earning, and the depreciation of money over time.

A tropical storm marked by extremely low pressure and circular winds with a velocity of 75 miles an hour or more.

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