Insurance for Professionals or better known as Professional Liability Insurance is a must have for your practice. As a leading source of professional liability insurance in New York State, Parsons & Associates, Inc. offers customized solutions for a variety of specialized careers including those legal and dental related. From professional liability to complete coverage for your practice, we craft solutions to meet your individual needs.

At Parsons & Associates, Inc., we understand the special needs of the dental office,  law practice and those of other businesses. That is why are insurance for professional are tailored to your specific needs.  It is important to keep in mind that while general liability does not cover professional errors and omissions, wrongful acts, or malpractice – professional liability does not cover general liability. So, is your office completely protected? Click here for more information about our commercial insurance solutions.  Our insurance for professionals options make sure you and your company are protected.

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“Everything was handled very efficiently and professionally.  Truly a pleasure to do business with knowledgeable, caring professionals.”
Steve S.

thanks!  this is still the best price, I was just curious.  I get calls every few WEEKS asking if we want a quote for malpractice and I disregard them.  You guys rock.  Thanks again.”  E.B.

“Ellen, I wanted to say thank you for your assistance with the recent account that we renewed. We are glad to be able to continue to deliver a quality product to our client.  Your attention to detail and quick response to so many inquiries does not go unnoticed! We, as well as our client, value the long term relationship.”  T.M.

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