Business Vehicles

Business vehicles

If the flow of income to your business depends on the use of your vehicle, you might need a new type of coverage that recently was standardized in the marketplace. Most likely, you already have coverage for the interruption of your business when your building and personal property are damaged by a covered cause of loss at your business premises (and if you don’t, you need to talk to us). Now, new coverage options are available to address business interruption when your commercial autos and mobile equipment are damaged away from the business premises.
Whether you are a small business owner running a mobile pet-grooming business or food truck, a farmer, a trucker, a contractor or a larger business that depends on multimillion-dollar well-drilling or geophysical exploration equipment, this coverage may be just what you need to prevent a business interruption catastrophe. It will replace the income lost while the vehicle is out of operation and provide extra expense coverage for temporary replacements, if available. Some vehicles, due to their nature, are not easily replaced. Our agency is dedicated to helping our clients solve this type of problem.

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